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Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Not sure how much to order?

For a light lunch, we suggest 3-4 pieces per person and for something heartier, 5-6 pieces per person.

For example, the spread featured above would be a hearty feast for 25-30 people, and includes:

  • Seasonal fresh fruit salad - large bowl

  • Mediterranean vegetable quiche (20 serves)

  • Breakfast toasted turkish (10 serves / 20 pieces)

  • Spinach & ricotta lasagne (20 serves)

  • Classic party pastries (small platter - 28 pieces)

  • Mini spring rolls and samosas (small platter - 96 pieces)

Also, we are very excited to introduce our new online ordering for catering!!

Head to to check out the menu and start your order.

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